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  Title Image The Wonder Hand : Poem
Alone, all alone I went into a remote park,
To be away from the tedious live’s reality stark
But on the way I confronted live’s side dark,
In the teeming masses struggling to make a mark.

I sat on a lonely and deserted place
So as to peep into the nature’s dazzling glaze,
Meant for man to be seated on a lofty dais
And to commune with God’s wonder face.

A cool breeze blew from a distant hill,
My spirit woke up from slumber to fill
The wonderhand of Alimighty’s work fulfill
In the nature’s secret places with thrill.

My spirit saw sparkling leaves of lofty trees
Murmuring and dancing to the tune of breeze,
To make butterflies of hues to flutter with ease
And birds, big and small, to chirp without cease.

In a vibrant lake frogs in hordes crock,
Like a picnic party frolicking near a brook,
Flowers of water lilies in ponds merrily shook
While frogs and fishes swarm carefree in every nook.

Oh! See the wonder hand of God appears in a dark cloud,
Poured the heavenly bounty laced with thunder loud,
I am amused with heaven’s melodious music and sound
To be relieved of my turbulent and agonizing mind.

I went home cherishing the wonderhand in mind,
Sat on the lawn with magnificent visions of all kinds,
Rushing into my perturbed mind to grind
For the devil’s plan is to steal the peace of mankind.

St. Mathew's Sen. Sec. School,