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  Title Image The Clouds : Poem
Sent the ocean a mighty cloud,
Climbing and rumbling loud,
To rouse dust from mound
And woke me from sleep sound

When I got up and to ponder
Over the clouds that thunder,
Causing my ears to flutter
The windows swung to shatter.
The mountains knelt misty,
The parched meadows felt thirsty,
Poured the heavenly bounty,
Soared my imaginations lofty.

Yonder a peacock shouted,
Under a bush a bulbul noted,
The sound knowledge knotted
That by the Almighty God mooted.

The sun poured its feeble rays
To reflect the mountains in arrays,
Showing elegance in wandering waves,
In a lake carved out of yore days.

I peeped into my vibrant garden,
Cooled my heart from burden,
Leaves amused with drops laden
Started to dance like maiden.

St. Mathew's Sen. Sec. School,