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  Title Image Lamentation of a Tree : Poem
I went out on a casual stroll on a busy and dusty road,
In the covetous leisure after finishing my tedious work load
To be refreshed with fresh air and to have good mood,
But suddenly an ailing mango tree beckoned me to brood.

Oh, man, have you not seen my bruised sick condition?
I stopped you that you are a man of rationale and conviction,
That you can dissuade man from my state of condemnation
And convince others of my great role in checking contamination

I muse of my younger days when I was highly sought,
By your own species to whom I gave delicious pulpy fruit,
And quenched my thirst with water in pitchers they brought,
To soothe and relieve myself from severe draught.

I stood elegantly as a young tree with many branches wide,
Butterflies and birds of hues flocked on my branches with pride,
Birds quarreled, chased, coaxed and chirped in foliar hide,
To propel the imaginations of young and old to high tide.

Alas! What I get in return of my beneficial lofty stature?
You remind them that they gaze at me with bad gesture,
And never stop their children from hitting me at any juncture,
To cause injury and disfigure of my charming nature.

Too many vehicles with fumes emitting pass by without a pollution test,
I consume in my bosom enormous quantity of flying toxic dust,
Raised by ceaseless fleets of cabs running without any rest,
My leaves are chocked to breathe and difficult to be at my best.

I assure you to save yourself from miseries of many kinds,
By absorbing and engulfing harmful rays and deafening sounds,
Waiting to strike as calamities which lurk in your callous minds,
But pity on you that you are oblivious of these vicious rounds.

I returned home with a sullen heart difficult to share,
And lay down on my bed with pain gripping here and there,
How shall I tell the people lest they be caught in a snare,
And the nature is forced to trounce upon mankind unaware.

St. Mathew's Sen. Sec. School,