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Our current aim is to protect birds and make them breed and hence we have installed breeding huts and feeding platforms at various locations. These installation have given very good results and are well appreciated. Apart from Indian Birds, we also have foreign birds available in Rajasthan State. These are not migratory birds, but are birds that are imported to India from different countries. These birds are a very good source of income and are traded. They are kept very brutally and many of them die because of this. These birds cant be set free in jungle since predators hunt them down. So these birds are required to be kept in cages. We build cages for such birds taking in care their needs and requirements. These cages have been tested for breeding and have yielded very good results.

Birds never get ill and stay active, its because they belong to fresh and non-polluted environment. Its we, that are living in polluted environment and have degraded our health. We have our right to live in an environment that we prefer, same thing applies to birds also. It may not be possible to send these birds back to where they came from, so lets provide them an environment where they feel safe. We need to turn these Bird's Cages to Breeders.

Following things must taken into care while making Bird's Cages:
  • Water vessels made of mud, keep water cold
  • Swings, toys and dried wooden branches are of interest to birds
  • Black Soil has high amount of calcium in it, making it very beneficial for their bones
  • Apart from seed grains, green and juicy branches of pants must be given to them
  • In summer, water must be replaced 2-3 times a day, they need it to keep their body temperature low.
  • Proper water and food dispenser to avoid wastage
  • In summer, nets must be placed on the cage's sides, and water must be sprayed on it to maintain temperature inside the cage
  • If weather flow is heavy or during night time, vinyl sheets can be hanged on sides, so that birds are not disturbed
  • Unnecessary beating on cage's wiring must be avoid. It disturbs birds and creates chaos among them
  • Don't enter the cage without any reason, it disturbs birds
  • Breeding Huts must not be placed at much height in cages, infant bird may fall down, while trying to fly and injure itself
  • Breeding Huts or pots placed inside the cage, must have enough space for 2 birds and place to lay their eggs and hatch them
  • Always place more number of breeding huts then total pair of birds in the cage
  • Proper pre-cautions must be made to keep lizards, rats and snakes away
  • Cages must be raised at some height from ground
  • Mud, soil or dry grass must be spread on cage's floor
  • There must not be any electrical wiring attached to the cage
  • There must be enough space for a person to enter for cleaning
  • Breeding Huts must be checked time to time, to remove dead bird, if any. If may cause diseases among other birds
  • Cages must have enough space for birds to fly around
  • Cages must be placed between green plants and proper air flow must be maintained


Healthy birds, make sweet sounds in morning and motivates us for our day.

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