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  Title Image Welcome Birds, Away Tension : Article
A new research has proved that bird-watching can help a person to keep him at arms length from tension and consequent mental depression. It has been experimentally proved that the various mind attracting activities of birds like their chirping, counting, dancing, coaxing, nest making, feeding the nestlings etc. can relieve the mounting tension which is a common problem to be confronted in modern competing generation.

Psychologists are of the opinion that nature itself is a medicine, rather a panacea. One can easily divert his/her mind full of turmoil and turbulence by bird watching. Their unique habits like their coaxing, dancing etc. are themselves a soothing balm to the tension-ridden mind. If a person is fully involved in bird watching, he/she can train the mind in such a way that he/she forgets their surrounding. In the realm of Psychology, bird watching is a type of treatment, where the patient is asked to relate his/her activities with the nature and its phenomena.

Rajasthan Patrika, Udaipur
20th May, 2011