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In spite of Mother Earth being so sincere, honest and selfless, she is being savagely exploited by human beings. We are on a hot pursuit of amassing wealth for us and our future generations, but we must remember that if there is imbalance in nature, our future generations will have to undergo great problems and sufferings. There is no doubt that the drought, flood, tsunami, earthquakes, epidemics and other adversities that we suffer from are due to either the imbalance in nature or the polluted environment around us.

The members and associates of our institutions have vowed to do whatever possible by them regarding this problem. Our first and foremost effort is to stop the indiscriminate cutting of trees and to plant such trees which produce medicinal fruits and flowers and which help provide a pure and peaceful atmosphere conducive to sound health.

Today, the condition of many birds has become a matter of great concern due to this indiscriminate cutting of trees. To save and protect them is our primary duty and responsibility. There was a time when man used set apart one – tenth of his earnings for charitable purposes. This contributed to peace, happiness and unity in families. With the help of generous donors and well wishers our institution, we have been able to construct various nests and huts made of wood, plywood and mud. These nests and huts have been installed on or below the porches and shades of various houses and on tree tops of gardens, forests, farm houses, resorts and factories. Many of our huts and nests have been installed in Gulab Bagh and Sajjangarh as required by the Forest Department.

Our sole aim is the protection and breeding of these birds as they play a major role in our lives and environment. Having a large number of birds around our houses and institutions makes our mornings filled with their sweet and refreshing chirpings. Various birds and animals have been considered vehicles of gods and goddesses. Many of them have been regarded as auspicious signs. We feed crows to appease the souls of the deceased of our relatives, but the fact is that we hardly see any crow now a days.

Sir/Madam, it is a deplorable fact that Sparrows, Cuckoos (Koyal), Crows, Vultures and thousands of such birds are on the brink of extinction. We have to protect and preserve them because they contribute a lot in maintaining a pure and healthy environment. It is our sincere and humble appeal to you to donate generously in this noble work of our institution.

Kindly make your life blessed by serving Mother Earth and its valuable species through us.